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3 Key SEO Services For Addiction Rehab Centers

Posted by Donald Seckler
May 12, 2017 4:10:51 PM | 0 Comments | Addiction Rehab

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of making sure that your addiction rehab center is visible to your prospects in search engines like Google and Bing.  In order to do that, there are certain SEO services or strategies that you can employ in order to maximize your rehab center’s online visibility.

Define Your Addiction Rehab Center’s Target Audiences

One of the key parts of any SEO strategy is precisely targeting your audience.  Once you fullydefine your target it gets much easier to understand how they search for what you do.

One of the reasons that it’s so important to define your target precisely is that different prospects have different needs and problems that you satisfy and solve even with the same services.  One of the first things your prospect will search for are answers to their needs and problems.

So for example, if one of your targeted prospects is the mother of a teen with drug abuse issues, she will likely search using much different phrases than a wife whose husband has alcohol abuse problems.  

Defining your target audience is your first step to SEO success for your addiction rehab center.

Do Keyword Research To Understand How Your Target Searches

It is extremely important that you understand how your prospects search for your services.  We often have clients say “I want to be found for X”.  Unfortunately if people are searching for Y it doesn’t help to be found for X.   

You also have to consider which search keywords have the least amount of competition.  If all of your competitors are trying to rank for a particular search term it’s going to be much harder for you to rank for that same term.

So how do you identify which keywords are going to best help improve your addiction rehab center’s SEO?  Luckily there are many options for great SEO tools.

Our first recommendation for SEO keyword research is Google’s own free SEO tool the Keyword Planner.   Google’s Keyword Planner is probably the number one tool that companies that offer SEO services use to identify the best keywords to target.  Keyword Planner is located inside Google AdWords.  So you do need to create an AdWords account and put in a  credit card number to use it.  But your card won’t be charged.

Semrush is another option for keyword research. They offer some information for free and you can get a free trial, but if you want the full version for this tool you will have to pay.

Another tool that can help with keyword research for addiction rehab centers is Answer The Public.  This tool is a bit different than traditional keyword tools in that it leverages semantic search to show you phrases and questions around your targeted keyword that people type into search engines.  These phrases and questions are great ideas for content that will not only help you show up in search but also attract people to your website.

Create Content That Your Target Audience Will Look For

Content is key to SEO success for addiction rehab centers.  You can’t rank on Google for subjects that you don’t have on your website.  Your goal should be to have content on your site that targets a wide variety of keywords.  People search for addiction rehab centers in many ways so you need to have content for many different content subjects.

Here’s a great way to come up with some great SEO focused content.  Once you have defined your targets, make a list of every question you have ever been asked by a prospect or a customer.  These topics will be a great way to get started with a blogging strategy.  If people who meet you are asking these questions, the tens of thousands of people who you are not meeting are typing those questions into Google.  So this is a great way to get content on your website that people are searching for.  

If you have any questions or have a need for SEO services for your addiction rehab center, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us here at Peak Inbound Marketing.  We are always willing to answer questions or help out in any way.