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4 Things You Must Have On Your Assisted Living Landing Page And One You Should Not

Posted by Donald Seckler
Jul 4, 2016 5:52:13 PM | 0 Comments | Landing Pages, Assisted Living Marketing

When you’re starting a digital marketing effort for your assisted living facility you must use landing pages.  Landing pages help you focus your prospective prospect and find out if they truly are a prospect or just a tire kicker.  Without landing pages your odds of success are greatly reduced.

So what is a landing page?  A landing page is a page whose sole purpose is to get a conversion.  The conversion could be a purchase, a sign up for an email newsletter or in an assisted living facility’s case contact information for further information.   

In order to make your landing page successful you have to focus it on getting the conversion.  When you focus your landing page, you get better results.

Here are 4 things your assisted living landing page must have and one thing it should not.

A Powerful Offer

When you are asking for someone’s contact information you’re asking for their currency.  So you had better have something of value that you’re offering in exchange for their contact information.  Ideally you should be offering some sort of content that will help and educate your prospect, but that will also help you determine which stage of the buyer's’ journey they are in currently. When you can identify when a prospect is ready to buy, you will have a much easier sales process.

As an assisted living facility you have an opportunity that many other businesses don’t.  You have many chances to educate.  Most of your prospects have never used your services and when they do need them, the need is often urgent.  This give you an opportunity to have several educational offers that prospects will perceive as extremely valuable.  That means you will get awesome results.

Benefits, Benefits, Benefits

When you finally have your awesome valuable content that you’re ready to offer all your prospects, make sure that you are able to communicate to them why they need it.  You do that by communicating the benefits of the content to the prospect.  Tell them what it will so for them and how it will help them.  What problem or pain point will it solve for them.

Be sure that you don’t confuse features for benefits.  Features are characteristics of something.  Benefits are what it does for the user.  Your prospects are selfish.  They only care about what you are offering them can do for them.  They don’t care that it’s the best or the prettiest. They care about  what it will do for them. So go big on the benefits!

A Simple And Clear Form

Your form has to be simple, clear and easy to understand.  The more fields you ask people to fill out, the lower your response will be.  Some form fields are absolute conversion killers, like phone number.  If you can get away with just asking for email address, do that.  You can put people into your digital sales funnel and collect other data later.  

The initial form fill is the hardest to get and the most crucial so it’s imperative that you lower those barriers to success and streamline your form wherever possible.

Make sure that your form fields are clearly identified so that people know which data you expect them to enter in which field.  Also check your error messages on required fields.  Are they clear and descriptive?  Don’t assume that people will know what an error will mean if the error message is not clearly telling them what they need to do.

Lastly, make sure that your form works on a phone.  It must be easily readable on a phone and the user shouldn’t have to pinch and resize the screen.  Don’t make them work to give you a conversion, because they won’t.

Powerful Calls To Action

There are two places on your form where you can put powerful calls to action. The first one is the headline of the form.  It should be short, powerful and reinforce the benefit for the user.  Tell them what they’re going to get and what it will do for them.

The second place is the text on the form’s button. Never use the word “Submit” on a form button.  It’s a waste of valuable marketing space.  Your button should be a highly contrasting color that stands out from the form background. That makes it really pop and you should use that eye catching opportunity to reinforce a benefit of what they are getting.

Leave no stone unturned.  Make sure that you maximize your message everywhere possible.

The One Thing You Should Not Have On Your Assisted Living Landing Page

Navigation.  That’s right.  Take the website navigation off your landing page.  You don’t want any distractions from the stated goal of getting the conversion.  You’ve gone through a lot of effort to get a prospect to the landing page.  Now don’t let them get away. Get that conversion!  A focused effort will get a much better result.

So there you have it 4 Things You Must Have On Your Assisted Living Landing Page And One You Should Not.  I hope have found this helpful. Put these tips in place on your landing pages and your conversions will skyrocket.


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