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Why Inbound Marketing Is Perfect For Your Plastic Surgery Practice

What do you think is the one thing that has been most changed by the Internet?

Music?  Sure, the entire music industry was turned on its head by digital files and online access.  It was completely disrupted.

TV? Yes, streaming services like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu all have amazing original content. They have become mainstream very quickly and binge watching is now a normal part of our lexicon.

But the one thing that has most changed is how people buy.  Think about it.  Back in the day if you wanted to buy a washing machine, you watched some tv commercials, looked at ads in the newspaper, then you got in the car and went down to Sears and talked to a salesman.  The salesman told you all the features of each model and the benefits.  They also told you all the pricing information.

All of the power used to be in the hands of the seller.  Now after the advent of the Internet and the smartphone, the power has shifted to the buyer.  The buyer no longer needs the seller to gather all of the information that they need to make a purchasing decision.  They can research every purchase all the way down to a sandwich themselves right on the mobile phone in their pocket.

The result of this major shift in the power of buying results in buyers pushing back when you try to sell them, especially online.  So the way to be successful online is that you must be there when THEY are ready to buy.

In order to not scare away your prospective patients for your plastic surgery practice, you must use a digital marketing strategy that makes sure you are there for your prospects when they are ready to buy.  That strategy is Inbound Marketing.

Inbound Marketing is the process of targeting your digital marketing efforts and building an online automated sales funnel that tells you when prospects are ready to buy.  

Inbound Marketing focuses on helping and educating your prospects and nurturing them until THEY are ready to buy. Because of the opportunity to educate prospects, inbound marketing and plastic surgery practices are a great fit. Your prospects are looking for answers and education as the make their decision to move forward with a procedure.  You have the opportunity to help and educate them as they move through your online sales funnel.

The Inbound Marketing  methodology focuses on each phase of the buyer's Journey. We use different types of content to identify where someone is in their buyer's Journey.   The type of content that a person interacts with lets us know where they are in their  buyer's Journey.   this way you can easily tell when that Prospect is ready to buy.

There are three stages to the buyer's Journey. The awareness stage, the consideration stage comma and the decision stage. Every time a person makes a purchase they go through these stages. Sometimes it's short and sometimes the buyer’s journey is very long.   But people go through all of the stages regardless of the length of the journey.

A plastic surgery practice has the opportunity to educate prospects, answer their questions and help them along the journey until they are ready to buy.  

For the awareness stage you will use content that is extremely helpful and educational and helps the prospect understand what the actual problem is. During the awareness stage they understand and recognize that they have symptoms of a problem but may not be fully aware of the actual problem they're trying to solve. So the key to creating successful content in the awareness stage is answering those questions, those objections and addressing the cost of inaction to solve their problems.

Great content types for the awareness stage are blog posts and ebooks or other downloadables. After someone interacts with your awareness content you can offer them the chance to interact with your consideration stage content.  This can be done with marketing automation and email.

Consideration stage content is used when the prospect knows what their problem is and they are starting to compare solutions.  It should be some sort of comparison of options or of vendors.  A great piece of consideration content could be some patient before and afters or some very positive testimonials.

The final stage is decision.  Decision stage content can be focused around cost or price.  By presenting or explaining the cost, in broad strokes of course, you can identify those prospects who are thinking about the cost.  When people are evaluating the cost, they have decided to move forward, they are just trying to see if they can afford the purchase.  This is the perfect time to reach out with a sales call.

Inbound marketing delivers highly qualified leads who are ready to buy.

If you’d like a free consultation call to discuss how to build an inbound marketing strategy for your plastic surgery practice, call us today (973) 770-4668.

Inbound Marketing Guide for Cosmetic Surgeons